This collection is based on Muzaffar Ali’s collage series ‘Perpetual Dance’ exhibited in art galleries in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. This series is inspired by falling leaves that change colour, form and texture.

The collection is interpreted using surface embellishment techniques like applique and zari embroidery on a variety of fabrics where the placement of the leaf motif creates a sense of perpetual movement. These ideas have been realised in effortlessly elegant silhouettes one has come to expect from House of Kotwara …

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Khizañ by House of Kotwara

We can tailor outfits from our Khizañ collection to your size.

“Leaves dance around you…they are in the air. you carry them gracefully like the wind, becoming the sonnet that celebrates the spring, the poem that laments autumn. they are part of your life, and, flow with your steps, like your garment…

Khizañ is a tribute to autumn, that completes the cycle of nature….”

Muzaffar Ali

House of Kotwara