Cotton Chikankari

Cotton Chikankari or Chikan, a delicate and artful hand embroidery of Lucknow was brought here by the Persians from Shiraz. Traditionally, white thread was used to embroider elaborate floral motifs on white muslins on garments worn mostly by the aristocracy. The Geographical Indication Registry (GIR) has accorded Geographical Indication (GI) registration to the Lucknow Chikan. House of Kotwara, through its Dwar Pe Rozi initiative has been instrumental in the revival of Chikankari on fabrics like Cottons and Silks and the re-skilling of tens of thousands of women in the craft over the past three decades.  A Kotwara Cotton Chikankari Kurta is a must have.

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Cotton Chikankari by House of Kotwara

We can tailor outfits from our Cotton Chikankari collection to your size.

“I find nothing more sensuous than wearing a delicately embroidered fine muslin chikankari kurta. Not only does it represent an age-old legacy of craft, but also provides a source of livelihood to thousands of women…”

Meera Ali

House of Kotwara