Balancing light and darkness, like its name ‘Barq’ by using the glistening shimmer of sequins and geometry to create striking pieces of understated opulence and timelessness.

As you walk through light and shade the geometry of lightning strikes…
The zig zag of life’s unfolds as you take a dazzling turn…
The pinnacle of the lightning form converging and diverging, following the female form…

Barq is the blinding beauty of the beloved…

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Barq by House of Kotwara

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“Barq is lightning.
Being Illuminated.

Of light striking a form and becoming poetry draped in the geometry of light.
The bouncing of light in sharp rays to dazzle the senses.

This becomes the metaphor when writing with light and containing it on the movement of human form. You bathe this form in rays of light as it dances on rhythmic sound.

BARQ is a new body language. A bridge between the east and the west, between engineering and art. Embroidery with nimble fingers becomes the building elements of these linear textures. It is dream to imagination, as words and sounds to poetry.

Being clothed in BARQ is being draped in light… Becoming the light…

The imagination…
The poetry….”

Muzaffar Ali

House of Kotwara