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Cotton Chikankari

Chikankari for House of Kotwara is all about the emancipation of women – of providing dignified employment to hundreds of rural women artisans.

Owning a classic Kotwara chikankari ensemble is like owning a piece of heritage that has been painstakingly created for the discerning by these women. Fine motifs delicately embroidered by deft fingers, weave a magic that lasts forever.

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House of Kotwara brings you a new collection, Barq, which embodies the term effortlessly elegant. Comfortable and chic silhouettes, appropriate for a variety of occasions and moods. The geometric embroidery lends itself to a timeless quality that makes these pieces a great investment into one’s wardrobe for seasons to come. The pearl and sequin embroideries lend itself to diamond and pearl encrusted jewels, worn minimally.

Balancing light and darkness, like its name ‘Barq’ by using the glistening shimmer of sequins and geometry to create striking pieces of understated opulence and timelessness.

Homepage | House of Kotwara | House of Kotwara

Wedding Couture

Wedding Couture from House of Kotwara embodies the confluence of the finest embroidery traditions that have evolved in Awadh. Awadh is a region where intricate craft flowered under reign of its aristocracy of Persian descent. House of Kotwara has imbibed this heritage with its own individual artistic sensibilities.

Zardozi, Aari and Chikan are the three techniques that House of Kotwara experiments with to create an unusual medley of design in our embroidery Studio in Kotwara House, 10 Qaiserbagh, Lucknow. Over 30 years, House of Kotwara’s design vocabulary has developed a vast dictionary of design that continues to evolve with time keeping abreast with changing tastes in its unique way. We have grown from wedding to wedding giving joy to newlyweds.

No two weddings are alike and hence no two coutures are similar. Every wedding for us is a rare opportunity to make a new poem with needle and thread. Each couture is a garden of new flowers and fragrance.

Homepage | House of Kotwara | House of Kotwara


Design, detail, craftsmanship and the perfect fit are the four pillars that form the foundation of couture at House of Kotwara.

Aesthetically designed and crafted ensembles presented at our atelier are made to order, with specific minute customization in the fit to suit your style and occasion.

Timeless classics are our forte and in-depth research and evolution in the use of fabrics and embellishments help us create that moment of magic for you.

House of Kotwara

An international fashion house founded in 1990 by filmmaker, painter, Muzaffar Ali – the Raja of Kotwara, and his architect wife Meera Ali with the mission to revive the traditional craft of the region of Awadh, India and provide rural employment through our foundation, Dwar Pe Rozi Society (Employment at Doorstep).

Sama Ali is presently the Creative Director of the brand and a London College of Fashion Alumna. Sama officially joined House of Kotwara in 2014. Sama’s fantastical artistry is an amalgamation of her life experiences, heritage, and affection for beauty.

House of Kotwara is known for taking the ancient embroidery techniques of Chikankari, Aari and Zardozi and applying them in both traditional and contemporary silhouettes. Zardozi and Chikankari have been the forte of Kotwara, which has employed some of the finest craftspeople in the region for generations at Anhalwara Palace, Kotwara in Lakhimpur Kheri and Kotwara House, Qaiserbagh Palace Complex in Lucknow…