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Our wedding couture appointments are an opportunity for you to embark on a special journey in creating your dream heirloom ensembles as a discerning patron of House of Kotwara.

We capture the essence of your special moment, its emotions, resplendence, and transform them into garments that will become a cherished part of your legacy to pass down for generations. Our creations are designed to be worn and admired through the passage of time, as pieces of art representing your distinct heritage and its milestones.

Wedding Couture

At House of Kotwara, the bridal couture experience is a deeply personalized journey. Each client is engaged in a collaborative process to create unique, meaningful outfits. Through meticulous craftsmanship, tradition is blended with modern elegance. Whether working in person or remotely, the commitment to quality and detail ensures every garment tells a unique story.


House of Kotwara transforms the wedding attire process into a memorable and cherished experience.

"The authentic Chikankari & Muqayyash, designed by Sama & crafted by Kotwara, allowed me to represent my identity & culture as an Indian bride in the most sophisticated & angelic silhouette possible."


"I fell in love Kotwara's design approach – understated, yet so classic and regal. It was amazing to create my look in person with Sama, she understood my vision & brought it to life seamlessly."


"My Kotwara outfits captured what I was unable to even articulate during the design process. It turned out to be exactly what I had imagined"


"I’ve always been in love with Kotwara's creations. I had envisaged myself in an effortlessly graceful Sharara on my wedding. Kotwara was the perfect choice to help me realise my vision."


"The minute I wore the outfit the exhaustion from the days prior drained away. I felt like a princess; it felt like the most beautiful version of me, & I really loved what Sama & I created together."


"I have always admired Kotwara's aesthetic, & I'm thrilled to own a piece that was made just for me. Sama brought my vision to life beautifully."